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NL-S Fine Arts & Sports


2016-2017 Registrations 

are now closed for the current school year

Summer Programs for Baseball-Golf-Softball-Tennis and more are found at the NLS Community Education Website


We will start accepting registrations for 2017-2018 School Activities after July 1st 2017


Sports Physicals

Please remember to schedule and complete your sports physicals by August 10th for next school year. All incoming 7th graders & most 10th graders will need one. If you are unsure of your date please call Peg at 354-1410 to check on it.



Activity Registration for School Activities

To be completed by Parent & Student

2016-2017 Registrations 


All Students participating in activities fine arts or sports must complete a regsitration for each event they are in.  You may register for multiple events at one time by highlighting the events in each season you are signing up for- However, you must pay for all those events at the time of registration, no partial payments and no refunds will be given.  So, please register for what you want to pay for at that moment and are sure you will be involved with. 



* Register as grade level you are in (not level of play) to pay correct activity fee.

* Register using your name as it appears on your school report card. 



Athletes - Sports Physicals are required

Students involved in a sporting event must have on file at the Activities Office a current sports physical.  Sports Physicals are good for 3 years and are usually done entering 7th & 10th grade.  If you are not sure of your date please call the office to verify 320-354-1406.  Once your physical is completed please send a paper copy to the Activities Office.

Log in to your family account or set up an account to get started.

 Online Registration Form Start Here


Need financial assistance with the fee?

  Submit Scholarship Request form here if needed.

Complete your registration and mark as pay later - you will be notified by email the balance dues

Have a medical need the coaches should be aware of?

If your child has a medical condition such as needing to use an inhaler, epi pen, insulin during practices or game so our coaching staff is aware of need.

             Fill out and submit  Medical Alert Form 


Completion of registration is upon receipt of MSHSL Eligibility Form being submitted online, completion of payment,  and a copy of the sports physical clearance form for those in sports.    We reccommend the regstration process with your Credit/Debit Card.  If you choose the Pay Later method please be aware that fee payment must be received in the office prior to the start of practice and can only be made by cash or check.  


Students  will not be able to participate until all items are completed.








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